Bravo Maistro Barenboim!
We look for many more encores to come!

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Bravo Maistro Barenboim!

It has been announced that the famed pianist and conductor, Daniel Barenboim, will be bringing the Berlin State Orchestra to Iran. 

Bringing a symphony orchestra on a cultural visit to Iran, a country that since their 1979 revolution prohibited the public performance of Western orchestral music until only recently, is a welcome sign of change and the type of cultural exchange that should be encouraged! The fact that the Iranian government has allowed such music to again be performed and has also welcomed Conductor Daniel Barenboim’s offer to perform in Iran should only result in applause.

Wherever one may stand on the recent “5 plus 1” negotiations and the recent diplomatic talks after more than three decades of near silence between Iran and the West; a growing number of American tourists visiting Iran, as well as other types of academic and cultural exchanges taking place between Iran and the United States and other Western countries…all such forms of exchange should be encouraged. After decades of walls of silence, augmented with threats and intimidation, it is only through such Citizen Diplomacy that real progress can take place and hopefully, a change of behavior by and between Iran, the United States and the West.

I had the honor of meeting with Daniel Barenboim in Philadelphia to discuss music as a bridge between opposing sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and applaud his attempts to embark on similar efforts with Iran.

Bravo Maistro Barenboim! We look for many more encores to come!

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Diplomacy helped bring about an historic agreement between Iran, the United States and the additional four countries involved…

While not everyone can agree that the agreement reached in Vienna is foolproof and understandably, concerns remain, the fact that after more than three decades there were fruitful talks is in itself, a big step forward. Hopefully, further progress and warming of relations can continue.
We invite you to join us as we continue the Citizens Diplomacy that we have been conducting in Iran since 2009.
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