Musical Dialogues

While the political problems in the Middle East may at times seem like they are intractable and dialogue or not to dialogue at the highest governmental levels become political bargaining chips in their own right, there are people who find common ground to overcome their differences. Bringing together musicians who can recognize the talents of one another and the respect for one another’s musicianship has often brought together people who would otherwise, unlikely cross paths. But they find their musical talents become a bridge that greatly outweighs political adversity.

Daniel Barenboim’s East-West Divan Orchestra has been bringing together young Arab and Israeli musicians who perform regularly around the world and have formed close friendships among one another, as well as further success as musicians.[year]=2013&cHash=fe36880eba9c0f3ab8d9af205214f262

Intercultural Journeys, a Philadelphia based arts group was also founded around the premise of bringing together world-class musicians to not only perform together, but in creating performances that require to collaboration in the music itself, by incorporating instruments that are not often used together, or in blending musical techniques, rhythms or melodies that blend influences of the backgrounds of the diverse musicians.

Travel can do the same. Think of how your travel experiences can help you find the opportunity to reach new understandings. It can be one of the greatest rewards in travel and greatly transcends the importance of travel in changing hearts and minds.

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