On the interim agreement between Iran and US…

The agreement recently signed in Geneva by the US and Iran is a good step forward. indeed. It is understandable that there are skeptics, not the least of whom include Saudia Arabia, Israel, some members of the US Congress and no doubt, other Americans. However, after thirty-four years of mutual antagonism, suspicion and very little civil communication, this agreement can serve as an important first step in what could be an even more important transition in relations that go well beyond US and Iran.

Thirty-four years of little to no dialogue, antagonistic action between the two countries in various forms and a lack of trust can only be improved by having direct negotiations. The actors have changed and minds and actions can change, as well. There are endless means of establishing safeguards to protect respective interests, but without opening channels of direct communication, one can be assured that there will never be improvement. Finding examples in modern history where political tempers have been lowered and relations restored in the absence of direct communication would be nearly impossible, if not impossible, to cite.

We hope that Secretary of State Kerry and Foreign Minister Zarif can continue their progress on improving the relations between the US and Iran and hopefully, changing more minds and the destructive desires that can impose risks to all of us.

We will continue our part of trying to bring understanding between people through our cultural travel programs, which have proven to bring people together, time and time again!
We have been participants in voluminous encounters between people who never would have crossed paths and without such interaction, would likely have held steadfast to their animosity and distrust towards the other.





Jerry Sorkin
Founder and President

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