How to Maximize Your Frequent Flyer Miles?

If you are like lot of travelers, you have frequent flyer miles you have been trying to use and never seem to get the dates you want, or, never get the destinations you want.

I had the opportunity to speak with Gary Leff, the Guru of frequent flyer miles and one who has found the inner secrets of maximizing your miles. Gary not only can help you, but he also generously shares his methods on his blog,  and also on his website,

I had the pleasure of listening to Gary’s talk at Conde Nast Traveler magazine’s January 2013 Summit for the magazine’s “Top Travel Specialists”.

Gary Leff speaking at the Conde Nast Traveler "Top Specialists" Summit.

Gary was good enough to take some time to speak to us and we are happy to share this brief video with you!  Click below to hear Gary…

We know Gary has been able to help many people. Hopefully, he can turn your miles into more than you might imagine!

Happy Travels!

Jerry Sorkin, Founder of TunisUSA and Iconic Journeys Worldwide